Amy Fleckenstein

After she was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia, a rare nerve disease causing debilitating facial pain, Amy Fleckenstein had a choice: let her disease define her, or find a way to live with purpose and meaning.

Gerardo Ochoa

What is the impact of mispronouncing a name? In this powerful talk, Gerardo Ochoa shares the four styles of name mispronunciation, and the unseen but profound results of each.

Becky Steckler

Deven Paolo

In this talk, Becky Steckler of Urbanism Next explores the not-too-distant future of autonomous vehicles, and what we can be doing now to prepare for - and thrive in - our changing cities.

In the next five years, one-third of the skilled trades workforce in the US will retire. To make matters worse, 70% of our current workforce is dissatisfied with their career. Can we change the definition of success, and fill industry job demands?

David Sumner

Pat Crowley

What does the 2,000-year-old tradition of rhetoric teach us about how to argue better today? Dr. David Sumner examines these ancient principles and applies them to one of our biggest argument minefields - the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Pat Crowley founded the first insect protein company in the US. Now, he's focusing on #wwnd (What Would Nature Do) to lead a global effort to reduce agricultural waste.

Jess K. Smith

Kathy Beckwith

What does it mean to see all the layers of a place? Jess K. Smith encourages us to see more, and shares her inspiring ideas about Theater of the Place with stunning examples of site-specific theater.

Is using war as a means of resolving conflict an outdated premise? Is it time for us to move on from the battlefield? And if so, are there alternatives that actually work? Mediator Kathy Beckwith shares her big idea - there are plenty of alternatives to war, if only we choose to use them.