Destination: TEDfest Brooklyn!

In April, four members of the TEDxMcMinnville Executive Committee traveled to Brooklyn, NY for TEDfest - a three-day gathering of 500 TEDx organizers from 60+ countries.  What a trip - literally and figuratively!

The TEDxMcMinnville team snuck on stage for a pic with the TED logo!

The TEDxMcMinnville team snuck on stage for a pic with the TED logo!

The event was two things.  First, TEDfest was a simulcast experience around the livestream of TED2018, “The Year of Amazement”.  We able to watch outstanding "big" TED talks as they happened, and feel like we were really there.

Second, it was a great opportunity to gather with TEDxers from around the world.  We connected with organizers from Mexico City, Port of Spain, Montreal, Katy (TX), and even connected with organizers from Portland (OR) and more who were all there to learn from each other.

Speaking of learning - as TEDxMcMinnville 2019 is our inaugural event, our team had plenty to learn.  We soaked up ideas from experienced organizers who were incredibly kind and open.  Idea topics included managing speakers, day-of experience, marketing, stage design, A/V and sound engineering (all talks are recorded and sent to TED.com, after all!), and how to engage our community.

We're looking forward to crafting what we learned into an amazing experience for the McMinnville community on January 26, 2019.  Get ready to learn, listen, and share big ideas!