Destination: TEDfest Brooklyn!

In April, four members of the TEDxMcMinnville Executive Committee traveled to Brooklyn, NY for TEDfest - a three-day gathering of 500 TEDx organizers from 60+ countries.  What a trip - literally and figuratively!

The TEDxMcMinnville team snuck on stage for a pic with the TED logo!

The TEDxMcMinnville team snuck on stage for a pic with the TED logo!

The event was two things.  First, TEDfest was a simulcast experience around the livestream of TED2018, “The Year of Amazement”.  We able to watch outstanding "big" TED talks as they happened, and feel like we were really there.

Second, it was a great opportunity to gather with TEDxers from around the world.  We connected with organizers from Mexico City, Port of Spain, Montreal, Katy (TX), and even connected with organizers from Portland (OR) and more who were all there to learn from each other.

Speaking of learning - as TEDxMcMinnville 2019 is our inaugural event, our team had plenty to learn.  We soaked up ideas from experienced organizers who were incredibly kind and open.  Idea topics included managing speakers, day-of experience, marketing, stage design, A/V and sound engineering (all talks are recorded and sent to TED.com, after all!), and how to engage our community.

We're looking forward to crafting what we learned into an amazing experience for the McMinnville community on January 26, 2019.  Get ready to learn, listen, and share big ideas!


Getting Involved with TEDxMcMinnville

Want to join a group of enthusiastic TED fans that are excited to bring dynamic big thinkers and performers to McMinnville?  Are you interested in getting a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to bring an inaugural event to the community?  Volunteer for the TEDxMcMinnville team! 

We are looking for passionate folks to help in the following areas:

-          Art & Design
-          Social Media & Marketing
-          Community Development
-          Sponsorship
-          Registration
-          Speaker Management
-          Event Logistics

No need to be an expert in the field.  We just ask that you’re excited to learn a new skill while having fun with some new friends.  

If you’re ready to jump in, or would like to learn more, please visit our contact page!

What is a TEDx event?

If you are someone who has a natural curiosity about the world around you, you’ve likely heard of, seen, and enjoyed TED Talks for a while now. Though it’s also likely that you don’t know much about where TED Talks come from, what their purpose is, and what it means when an event is called “TEDx.” 

To start off with, TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and their slogan, “ideas worth spreading” speaks to the media company’s mission. TED originally began as a conference in 1984. Since then, an annual conference has been held starting in 1990 and the words “TED Talks” probably bring up very specific concepts in mind - short talks, lasting from 10 - 20 minutes that focus on concepts ranging from science to culture to humanities and more that are often told very very well.  

Likely, you’ve been asked to watch TED Talks at a conference, in a classroom, or at a training in order to instill both inspiration and a deeper knowledge on the topic of discussion. Since the first conference, TED Talks have become a global phenomenon with talks taking place in over 100 languages and taking the internet by storm with millions of views and shares. In fact, one of the most viewed TED Talks (Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?) has over 49 million views on TED’s website alone.  

With the popularity of TED growing, so did the opportunities for more people to get engaged. In 2009 the world saw the creation of TEDx, a new format to allow local and independently organized events all around the world. TEDx was created to further TED’s mission by allowing communities to host TED-like events in cities, countries, at colleges, and more with support from fellow organizers and experts.  

According to TED’s website: “The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.” At TEDx events organizers utilize a combination of TED Talks videos, live talks, and live performers in order to foster conversation and connections within a community.  

We at TEDxMcMinnville are extremely excited to bring this event to our community. Following in the footsteps of other Oregon cities such as TEDxPortlandTEDxBend, and TEDxSalem, we know that a TEDxMcMinnville can help facilitate conversations and reveal big ideas throughout McMinnville, Yamhill County, the Willamette Valley, and more.  

Want to learn more? There are plenty of ways to get involved. Learn about volunteering, sponsorship, when and where to get tickets and more on our website: TEDxMcMinnville.com