Help Make an Impact - How to Sponsor TEDxMcMinnville

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McMinnville is taking a big leap forward this year hosting our inaugural TEDxMcMinnville event.  This January 26th will be a day of celebrating “big ideas worth sharing” in this critical time of change both for our community and our planet.

TEDxMcMinnville is a non-profit event completely run on donations and volunteers.

We are actively looking for thought leaders and organizations in our community to help us ensure the most impactful, and memorable event possible.

Why be involved with TEDxMcMinnville? 

  • You know of TEDx and understand that you would be supporting an experience that has the power to create real change in communities and the world

  • You like to see your name on things

  • You have a secret desire to spread big ideas, but are shy and don’t wish to stand on stage

  • You are in it for the swag

  • You are an amazing human being gifted with the means to support TEDx in whatever ways you can

Sponsorships come in many forms and various levels.  Sponsorships can be tailored to your goals and our audience, including brand activation at the event.

To find out more about sponsoring TEDxMcMinnville see our partners page.

Or email: