The TEDxMcMinnville Theme: Under the Microscope

under the microscope blog.png

The TEDxMcMinnville Executive Committee has been working in the background for some time to get a TEDx event in McMinnville, Oregon. We’re extremely excited to have the news out in the community and to have seen the response. Now we want to share some of the whys with you. First up, why we chose our theme “under the microscope”

First, there are practical reasons. TEDx themes need to be open to interpretation and leave a wide range of topics and speakers. We didn’t want to limit any disciplines or types of ideas. It’s important to have a wide range of topics to create a richer dialogue and to allow each speaker to connect with the audience differently.

Second, the theme “under the microscope” represents something bigger for us. As a community in Oregon, we see growth happening around us all the time. In McMinnville particularly there seems to be a lot of conversations happening surrounding how we engage with growth and ensure that McMinnville stays the authentic city it is today. These conversations have us looking more closely into what it means to be a community, how things could change, the things that we love about being here, and more.

Under the microscope to us represents a desire to evaluate things further, to look more closely at things we may not have considered, and to try and asses ideas and situations through all of their pieces and parts. Under a microscope you can see how things are constructed, and seeing how something is made raises the questions, why was it made this way?

We’re excited to look under the microscope together with community members, speakers, performers, and TEDxMcMinnville guests on January 26, 2019 at Linfield College. Will we see you there?

Speaker applications are still open for TEDxMcMinnville! Apply today!