Patron Tickets - What they are and why they matter

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Tickets for TEDxMcMinnville went on sale November 14 and are selling fast. If you’ve looked into purchasing a ticket, or already have one purchased, you may have seen our three different levels of tickets:

  • Patron — $100

  • General Admission — $65

  • Student — $40

General admission and student tickets fall into obvious categories, but what about Patron? What is a Patron and why do they matter? It’s our intention at TEDxMcMinnville to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to see our speakers, join the conversation, and contribute to the community of our event. It is also our intention to put on the best event possible.

Each purchase of a Patron ticket generously provides funds for scholarship and discounted tickets for local students to attend TEDxMcMinville. Purchasing a patron ticket says that you believe inclusivity matters and that you are at a point in your life where you can pay a bit more to help those who have a bit less. Purchasing a Patron ticket also ensures that TEDxMcMinnville can create the best event possible and can continue to produce experiences in the years to come. Our Patrons are true champions of ideas worth sharing.

Are you able to invest in creating a welcoming and equitable environment in our community? Do you believe more voices should be at the table? Consider purchasing a Patron ticket. We, and the students in our community, will thank you.