The TEDxMcMinnville 2020 Theme: Currents

There are forces in this world that flow unseen, connecting us all.  Here in McMinnville and Yamhill County, we’re bound by a unique love of place – a place that is changing and growing to meet the needs of a diverse and modern population.

At TEDxMcMinnville, we believe these changes should be addressed with a mindset of opportunity and possibility.  What an exciting time this is for our community!  We have the privilege, and responsibility, to shape our place for the next generation.

This year, we celebrate these unseen forces of change and the volunteers who strive to meet these community challenges head-on.  Our theme this year, Currents, recognizes this:

“We are all connected – within our communities, within nature, within families both chosen and given.  Our need for connection draws us to concepts bigger than ourselves.  In our second year, TEDxMcMinnville highlights big ideas that flow between us to ignite our imaginations, celebrate collaboration, and inspire change.”

TED’s mission is to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation.  Let’s spread big ideas and use our collective skills to think critically, share proactively, and act in possibility - not fear - to achieve our goals.

TEDxMcMinnville will be a half day event held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at Linfield College. 

Patron Tickets - What they are and why they matter

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Tickets for TEDxMcMinnville went on sale November 14 and are selling fast. If you’ve looked into purchasing a ticket, or already have one purchased, you may have seen our three different levels of tickets:

  • Patron — $100

  • General Admission — $65

  • Student — $40

General admission and student tickets fall into obvious categories, but what about Patron? What is a Patron and why do they matter? It’s our intention at TEDxMcMinnville to provide as many people as possible the opportunity to see our speakers, join the conversation, and contribute to the community of our event. It is also our intention to put on the best event possible.

Each purchase of a Patron ticket generously provides funds for scholarship and discounted tickets for local students to attend TEDxMcMinville. Purchasing a patron ticket says that you believe inclusivity matters and that you are at a point in your life where you can pay a bit more to help those who have a bit less. Purchasing a Patron ticket also ensures that TEDxMcMinnville can create the best event possible and can continue to produce experiences in the years to come. Our Patrons are true champions of ideas worth sharing.

Are you able to invest in creating a welcoming and equitable environment in our community? Do you believe more voices should be at the table? Consider purchasing a Patron ticket. We, and the students in our community, will thank you.

Help Make an Impact - How to Sponsor TEDxMcMinnville

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McMinnville is taking a big leap forward this year hosting our inaugural TEDxMcMinnville event.  This January 26th will be a day of celebrating “big ideas worth sharing” in this critical time of change both for our community and our planet.

TEDxMcMinnville is a non-profit event completely run on donations and volunteers.

We are actively looking for thought leaders and organizations in our community to help us ensure the most impactful, and memorable event possible.

Why be involved with TEDxMcMinnville? 

  • You know of TEDx and understand that you would be supporting an experience that has the power to create real change in communities and the world

  • You like to see your name on things

  • You have a secret desire to spread big ideas, but are shy and don’t wish to stand on stage

  • You are in it for the swag

  • You are an amazing human being gifted with the means to support TEDx in whatever ways you can

Sponsorships come in many forms and various levels.  Sponsorships can be tailored to your goals and our audience, including brand activation at the event.

To find out more about sponsoring TEDxMcMinnville see our partners page.

Or email:

Welcome to our TEDx Intern!

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As the newest addition to the TEDxMcMinnville team, I am excited to introduce myself! Welcome and thanks for taking a minute to check out this page and hear more about this exciting experience.

My name is Delanie Strauss and I am the TEDxMcMinnville Intern. Originally from the Portland area, I am an incoming sophomore at Linfield College with a major in Marketing and minors in both Wine Studies and Media Studies. As an intern, I have the incredible opportunity to learn from the other committee members while they contribute their talents to this project. I have enjoyed so many TED Talks in the past, which makes this experience even more special.

My favorite TED Talk is one that was performed at TEDxPortland. In her talk: “The Two Words That Stand Between You And Your Next Big Idea,” Emma Gilroy wonders why people shut down ideas before they have time to grow and flourish. She asks that we tell ourselves: “Yeah, maybe,” the next time we have an idea that seems a little out there, instead of: “that will never work out,” which is far more negative and dream inhibiting. My favorite moment was when she said: “Some ideas have to be horrible to get to the good ones.”

The TEDxMcMinnville team promises to bring you just as exciting of talks and I hope you travel this journey with us as we prepare for January with speakers who will motivate, inspire and make you think!

What Makes a Great TED Talk?


What makes a Great TED talk?  What’s happening in those talks that have us captivated by the first sentence, hold us for the duration at emotional attention and leave us feeling inspired, energized and called to action? 

The seed of any TED talk is an idea – an ‘idea worth spreading’ that is planted by the speaker in the minds of the audience.  Like any seed, the idea is in a state of vast potential.  But it needs planting and nourishment to take hold

Planting happens firmly and concisely in the opening lines.  The best talks don’t leave us wondering about their intention, they come right out with it and establish their point boldly.  Nourishment comes through intellect, logic, data or aesthetics, the merits of the ideas’ uniqueness and the quality of the arguments in its favor.

But the great talks are more than planted and nourished ideas, they are emergent ideas that thrive.  And they do this by the ability of the speaker to connect with the audience emotionally.  It could be any emotion really:  empathy, disgust, shock, awe, charm.  But the ability of the speaker to connect with emotion to each planted idea is the magic. 

The best magic is always delivered through storytelling.  In particular, by a story that only the person planting the idea can tell.  The most effective narratives appeal to our shared nature, our collective humanness and serve to articulate, drive home or inspire.

And then the idea emerges, fully-formed and lucid, not just into the ether on the TED stage, but within the minds of the audience. It’s this transformation that is the mighty power of a great TED talk.

The TEDxMcMinnville Theme: Under the Microscope

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The TEDxMcMinnville Executive Committee has been working in the background for some time to get a TEDx event in McMinnville, Oregon. We’re extremely excited to have the news out in the community and to have seen the response. Now we want to share some of the whys with you. First up, why we chose our theme “under the microscope”

First, there are practical reasons. TEDx themes need to be open to interpretation and leave a wide range of topics and speakers. We didn’t want to limit any disciplines or types of ideas. It’s important to have a wide range of topics to create a richer dialogue and to allow each speaker to connect with the audience differently.

Second, the theme “under the microscope” represents something bigger for us. As a community in Oregon, we see growth happening around us all the time. In McMinnville particularly there seems to be a lot of conversations happening surrounding how we engage with growth and ensure that McMinnville stays the authentic city it is today. These conversations have us looking more closely into what it means to be a community, how things could change, the things that we love about being here, and more.

Under the microscope to us represents a desire to evaluate things further, to look more closely at things we may not have considered, and to try and asses ideas and situations through all of their pieces and parts. Under a microscope you can see how things are constructed, and seeing how something is made raises the questions, why was it made this way?

We’re excited to look under the microscope together with community members, speakers, performers, and TEDxMcMinnville guests on January 26, 2019 at Linfield College. Will we see you there?

Speaker applications are still open for TEDxMcMinnville! Apply today!


Destination: TEDfest Brooklyn!

In April, four members of the TEDxMcMinnville Executive Committee traveled to Brooklyn, NY for TEDfest - a three-day gathering of 500 TEDx organizers from 60+ countries.  What a trip - literally and figuratively!

The TEDxMcMinnville team snuck on stage for a pic with the TED logo!

The TEDxMcMinnville team snuck on stage for a pic with the TED logo!

The event was two things.  First, TEDfest was a simulcast experience around the livestream of TED2018, “The Year of Amazement”.  We able to watch outstanding "big" TED talks as they happened, and feel like we were really there.

Second, it was a great opportunity to gather with TEDxers from around the world.  We connected with organizers from Mexico City, Port of Spain, Montreal, Katy (TX), and even connected with organizers from Portland (OR) and more who were all there to learn from each other.

Speaking of learning - as TEDxMcMinnville 2019 is our inaugural event, our team had plenty to learn.  We soaked up ideas from experienced organizers who were incredibly kind and open.  Idea topics included managing speakers, day-of experience, marketing, stage design, A/V and sound engineering (all talks are recorded and sent to, after all!), and how to engage our community.

We're looking forward to crafting what we learned into an amazing experience for the McMinnville community on January 26, 2019.  Get ready to learn, listen, and share big ideas!


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TEDxMcMinnville Event Coming to McMinnville in January 2019

(MCMINNVILLE, OR) - On January 26, 2019 at Linfield College, there will be a new event meant to encourage dialogue and to highlight ideas. TEDxMcMinnville is officially licensed and ready to bring “ideas worth spreading.” Following in the footsteps of other Oregon cities including  Bend, Portland, Salem, and more, TEDxMcMinnville will be a three quarter day long event with speakers, performers, and opportunities to connect with fellow attendees.

Planning is in the beginning stages for this new event, but already some details are coming together. The event will be hosted at Linfield College and will feature eight live speakers, three videos, and live performances. The x in TEDx indicates that the event is independently organized from the TED brand, but allows event organizers access to resources and more.  

The executive team for TEDxMcMinnville includes Kitri McGuire, Jeff Knapp, Lacey Dykgraaf, Beth Garcia, and Anna Matzinger. Head organizer, Kitri, states “TEDxMcMinnville is an opportunity for us to spark an engaging dialogue in McMinnville. The town is on the edge of something that I think many community members can feel, and how we address and manage change will be a large factor in what McMinnville looks like in the future.”

Opportunities to be engaged vary from attending the event, to volunteering, sponsoring and more. Different levels are available for sponsorship and the executive team is excited to partner with businesses and organizations in the city to create a truly memorable event.

Information regarding how to sponsor, volunteer, purchase tickets, and more is available at

Getting Involved with TEDxMcMinnville

Want to join a group of enthusiastic TED fans that are excited to bring dynamic big thinkers and performers to McMinnville?  Are you interested in getting a behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to bring an inaugural event to the community?  Volunteer for the TEDxMcMinnville team! 

We are looking for passionate folks to help in the following areas:

-          Art & Design
-          Social Media & Marketing
-          Community Development
-          Sponsorship
-          Registration
-          Speaker Management
-          Event Logistics

No need to be an expert in the field.  We just ask that you’re excited to learn a new skill while having fun with some new friends.  

If you’re ready to jump in, or would like to learn more, please visit our contact page!

What is a TEDx event?

If you are someone who has a natural curiosity about the world around you, you’ve likely heard of, seen, and enjoyed TED Talks for a while now. Though it’s also likely that you don’t know much about where TED Talks come from, what their purpose is, and what it means when an event is called “TEDx.” 

To start off with, TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and their slogan, “ideas worth spreading” speaks to the media company’s mission. TED originally began as a conference in 1984. Since then, an annual conference has been held starting in 1990 and the words “TED Talks” probably bring up very specific concepts in mind - short talks, lasting from 10 - 20 minutes that focus on concepts ranging from science to culture to humanities and more that are often told very very well.  

Likely, you’ve been asked to watch TED Talks at a conference, in a classroom, or at a training in order to instill both inspiration and a deeper knowledge on the topic of discussion. Since the first conference, TED Talks have become a global phenomenon with talks taking place in over 100 languages and taking the internet by storm with millions of views and shares. In fact, one of the most viewed TED Talks (Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?) has over 49 million views on TED’s website alone.  

With the popularity of TED growing, so did the opportunities for more people to get engaged. In 2009 the world saw the creation of TEDx, a new format to allow local and independently organized events all around the world. TEDx was created to further TED’s mission by allowing communities to host TED-like events in cities, countries, at colleges, and more with support from fellow organizers and experts.  

According to TED’s website: “The TEDx Program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.” At TEDx events organizers utilize a combination of TED Talks videos, live talks, and live performers in order to foster conversation and connections within a community.  

We at TEDxMcMinnville are extremely excited to bring this event to our community. Following in the footsteps of other Oregon cities such as TEDxPortlandTEDxBend, and TEDxSalem, we know that a TEDxMcMinnville can help facilitate conversations and reveal big ideas throughout McMinnville, Yamhill County, the Willamette Valley, and more.  

Want to learn more? There are plenty of ways to get involved. Learn about volunteering, sponsorship, when and where to get tickets and more on our website: